Asian American Feminism: Not Your Asian Sidekick

The 2017 Japanese American Citizen’s League Eastern District Council’s National Youth/Student Council summit “Asian American Feminism: Not Your Asian Sidekick” will be presented at Smith College by the student organization Pan-Asians In Action.

Focusing on issues surrounding Asian/American/Pacific-Islander feminism and activism, we hope to create a space where Asian women and allies can learn more about the intersection between Asian/American/Pacific-Islander identity and feminism, and where this intersection fits into the modern day social, political, and academic climate.

The summit will open with keynote speakers Professor Miliann Kang from the University of Massachusetts Amherst and Miriam Yeung, activist and former director of the National Asian Pacific American Women’s Forum. Through their discussion, a workshop and plenary session we strive to create a dialogue on the ways in which we can advance Asian/American/Pacific-Islander activism through a better understanding of our own identities and history.

A few topics we hope to cover include:

  • Breaking down stereotypes and out of molds for Asian women (exotification, sexualization, dutiful daughter, etc.)
    • Mental health and taking up space
  • Representation of AAPI women in culture and politics
  • Representation of AAPI women in history books
  • Physical health- sexual health and safety